About Us and Why Build NAILSALONPRICES

Who We Are

Hello, and welcome to NailSalonPrices. We’re ecstatic to know that you’re interested in learning more about our team, as well as what we do. Our goal is to provide inspiring, honest, and innovative content to our valued readers.

Manicure and nail art are now considered as globally significant. Everyone has her own beauty that deserves to be celebrated. Everyone needs to feel included. This is what we believe in here at NailSalonPrices.

NailSalonPrices.com is a product of vigorous fact-checking and reporting. We carefully research on the best in manicures every year, and we are committed to creative exploration.

What We Do

  • We offer our readers honest and straight manicure reviews and price guides for various nail art and nail salons. We aim to help you decide on why you should get a manicure, as well as everything you need to consider before letting go of your hard-earned money.
  • We also provide side by side comparisons among different manicures to help you determine the ideal nails for specific types of natural nails and finger make-up.
  • You don’t need to be an expert on manicure technicalities to understand our guides. We present all information in a simple and straightforward manner. After all, you’re not learning about rocket science!
  • We provide objective, highly informative, and honest reviews on various nail salon brands. How good is a particular salon/brand in terms of use, flexibility, durability, performance, quality, safety, and health?
  • Our goal is to provide readers with a dependable and trustworthy source of reviews. We will feature nail brands that really provide value for money, and expose those that only aim to trick and hurt unsuspecting clients.

Why Trust Us

In whatever we do – whether discussing the currently-trending nail shape, design, style, and nail color fashion, or diving deep into the new nail products that are generating all the hype – you can expect our editorial team to maintain meticulous reporting and editorial standards.

At NailSalonPrices, we strive to bring the latest information to our readers. But we make sure to look before jumping into anything, meaning we verify everything first, before passing it to our followers and readers.

Fully Independent

There are no nail salon brands or manicure companies that are paying or forcing us to recommend their products or create positive reviews for them. NailSalonPrices is fully independent, and we intend to keep it that way.

By being independent, we can recommend, without hesitation, the salons or nail brands that deserve your trust, and expose those that use trickery in providing their services. For instance, salons that supposedly provide a valid warranty, but charge high repair fees in the end.

We Are Different

You can find myriads of manicure review sites online. But unlike other websites that only offer listings of crappy features and repeated overviews, we offer useful information to our readers, particularly women and other people who need information to make sound decisions. For instance, we discuss the factors to consider when choosing nail art, manicures, or salons that are appropriate for their particular needs and preferences.

Compared to many review sites, we use more information submitted by users. After all, no one can talk about a nail product better than one who actually uses it. By relying on the valuable user-submitted information, NailSalonPrices is in a better position to recommend reliable products. Readers can also learn what to expect from specific products.