Shellac Nails Prices List 2024: How Much Do Shellac Nails Cost?

A shellac manicure is durable, beautiful, and requires no dry time.

Do you want a manicure that is long-lasting, requires no dry time, easy to remove, and available in a wide variety of colors? Then why don’t you try shellac nails?

Interested? Read on to learn everything you need about shellac nails – what they are, how they work, and how much they cost, among others. We will also provide you with a side by side comparison with other types of manicures to help you decide if shellac nails are for you.

What Are Shellac Nails?

What Are Shellac Nails

A patented type of nail polish from established brand Creative Nail Design, shellac nails are available in more than 100 shades in CDG-verified salons. Two different types of nail coating are mixed to create shellac nails: traditional nail polish for shine and color, and gel for nail protection and durability. The result is a beautiful, natural-looking finish.

How Do Shellac Nails Work?

How Do Shellac Nails Work

The manicure requires curing with a unique type of LED lamp that is exclusively created for shellac. Once the lamp’s ultraviolet wavelengths hit the photoinitiators (shellac formula molecules) in the manicure, they are activated, dry up, and adhere to the natural nails. The entire process happens in a matter of a few seconds.

What Is The Difference Between Gel and Shellac Nails?

What Is The Difference Between Gel and Shellac Nails

Gel nails typically use a semi-permanent type of gel to achieve nail color. On the other hand, shellac nails employ a semi-permanent polish. Both manicures offer many color choices. There are over a hundred colors available for shellac nails, nearly thrice as many colors available for gel nails, which is already numerous as it is.

How Long Do Shellac Nails Last?

How Long Do Shellac Nails Last

Shellac Nails Last

By now, you should know that when you want to get a long-lasting manicure that allows you to choose from a wide variety of available colors, shellac nails should be among the top considerations. Shellac manicures last an average of two weeks, three weeks or more with proper care.

Shellac Nails Last On Toes

How Long Do Shellac Nails Last On Toes

In general, you can expect a shellac manicure on your toes to last an average of 10 to 14 days. This will depend on the application process, and not on the nail polish itself.

Shellac Nails: Pros & Cons

Weighing the pros versus the cons of using shellac nails will help you determine if this is the right manicure for you.


  • Strength is the main advantage of shellac nail polish.
  • It also has a very quick drying time. Compared to most types of nail polish, it lasts longer, remaining intact for at least two weeks.
  • UV lighting is used to dry shellac nails, and it also cures the shellac layers. This makes the nail polish quite shiny and scratch-resistant.


  • Because the shellac material is porous, the oil penetrates and nourishes the nails underneath.
  • To expose to UV light, you need a low 9-watt bulb in the shellac lamp.
  • Compared to a shellac manicure, an average person's hands gets more sun exposure while on the steering wheel and driving.

Shellac Nails Prices: How Much Are Shellac Nails?

Shellac Nails Prices: How Much Are Shellac Nails

We have come to the part you will find most interesting: the price.

How Much Do Shellac Nails Cost?

How Much Do Shellac Nails Cost

Similar to most salon procedures, the price of shellac manicures can also vary. But on average, you can expect to pay around $40 to $60 for the service.

How Much Is a Full Set of Shellac Nails?

Regular shellac manicures cost anywhere between $40 and $60. A full set of manicure with nail enhancement w/ acrylic and finished with shellac polish costs $60 for a 2-hour service.  

How Much Does a Fill or Refill on Shellac Nail Cost?

A shellac nail fill or refill costs at least $30. However, the final cost will depend on your location, as well as the salon you are getting the manicure from.

Cost of Shellac Nails With Design

Shellac nails with design can cost an additional $5 to $20 over the cost of a regular shellac manicure. Of course, the cost depends on the design. A complex design costs more than a simple one.

Shellac Nails Prices List

Shellac Nail Prices List


Average Prices:

Basic Shellac Manicure

$40 to $60

Full Set of Shellac Nails

$40 to $60

Shellac Nails w/ Design

Additional $5 to $20

Shellac Nail Fill or Refill

$30 up

Shellac Manicure Removal

$5 to $15

Is The Price Affected by Colors?

Shellac Nails Prices for Colors

Most salons charge the same price for a shellac manicure, regardless of the nail color you prefer. So, no, the color doesn’t affect the cost of the shellac manicure.

Shellac Nails Prices Compared to Other Manicures

Shellac Nails Prices Compared to Other Manicures

Shellac Nails Price vs Gel Nails

In general, the cost of applying shellac nails and gel nails are almost the same. Both shellac and gel require a UV curing process. However, if you include the removal cost, then gel nails would be more expensive because of the more complex process of removal.

Both shellac and gel polish have premium prices in salons. In most shops, the price is typically higher by 50% compared to regular manicures.

Which Is More Expensive: Shellac or Acrylic?

Shellac nails are more expensive than acrylics in salons by around 15% to 20%. Shellac nails cost from $40 to $60, while acrylic nails are around $7 to $8 cheaper.

Which Is More Expensive: Shellac or Dip Nails?

Shellac manicures are often more expensive than dip powder nails, although not by a lot. The difference is only about $5 to $10, primarily because of the pricier materials used in shellac manicures.

How Much To Tip For Shellac Nails?

How Much To Tip For Shellac Nails

The standard tip to give a nail technician is around 15% to 20% per service. You can give a bigger tip if you are extremely satisfied with the service to show your appreciation.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Shellac Nails?

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Shellac Nails

It is best to visit the salon to have your shellac nails removed. The removal cost can be as low as $5 when combined with another service. But when your salon appointment is solely for your shellac manicure removal, it can cost you at least $15.

Does Shellac Ruin Your Natural Nails?

Does Shellac Ruin Your Natural Nails

No, Shellac doesn’t ruin your natural nails, as long as it is removed properly. Thus, when you are looking to switch manicures, shellac nails are a good alternative to try. They’re beautiful and long-lasting.

How To Properly Care for Your Shellac Nails?

How To Properly Care for Your Shellac Nails

Keep your skin moisturized. Aside from making your hands look youthful and healthy, this will prolong the life of your shellac nails. Using hand cream during the day, and reapplying as needed, can also help. You can also apply rich cuticle oil before bedtime. This will moisturize and treat your fingers overnight, and prevent flaking.

Following are more tips for a longer-lasting shellac manicure:

  • Allow your nails to have some UV ray exposure.
  • Use some CND solar oil.
  • Refrain from peeling your nail polish off.
  • Make sure your nails are prepped properly before
  • Wear gloves to protect your nails when doing household chores.
  • Go to a salon and re-apply shellac when necessary.

Shellac Nails Reviews: Are Shellac Nails Worth It?

Shellac Nails Reviews: Are Shellac Nails Worth It

Yes, definitely. If you want a long-lasting manicure that’s beautiful and easy to maintain, then shellac is worth it. Just make sure to properly remove them to avoid any damage.

Cheaper Alternative To Shellac Nails

Cheaper Alternative To Shellac Nails

Acrylic Manicures – Acrylics are considered a classic. They are durable and offer additional length with the help of gel glue. Acrylic manicures are also around 15% to 20% cheaper than shellac, depending on the material, nail style, and length. You can add tips of varying materials like gel, silk, and acrylic that are available in different sizes and shapes.

Acrylic nails are a good choice if you are after longer nails. However, if you want a longer-lasting and chip-free manicure, then shellac or gel nails are better options. Shellac is best if you prefer a natural-looking finish.

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost To Get Shellac Nails?

How Much Does It Cost To Get Shellac Nails

To sum up everything, the cost of shellac nails may vary, depending on the salon, location, and nail tech. On average, it costs anywhere between $40 and $60, which is more expensive than other manicures.

If you want the best manicure for your nails, however, you may need to spend a little bit more money on a shellac manicure. The extra cost, however, is all worth it.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions on Shellac Nails)

Frequently Asked Questions on Shellac Nails

1. How Often Should You Get Shellac Nails Done?

Two weeks is the best interval between shellac manicures. However, if you have slow growing nails, it can be up to 3 weeks. Note, however, that shellac may take a little longer to remove after 2 weeks since it tends to harden by then.

2. Can You Fill Shellac Nails?

Unlike other types of artificial nails, you can’t use shellac to lengthen or strengthen your nails. Only licensed professionals are allowed to buy shellac. Removal involves a special process, and you cannot apply, repair, or remove it DIY-style.

3. Can You Get Tips With Shellac?

Shellac is a mix of gel and varnish, and made by Creative Nail Design. It is applied very thinly; thus, it may feel a bit light on your fingertips. The required setting process is similar to gel so the tips will cure when exposed to UV lighting.

4. Can You Get Nail Extensions With Shellac?

Shellac is a nail polish and gel blend. Since it’s like nail polish, you can’t use shellac to extend your nails. But since it’s like gel, it adds durability and strength.

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