Diamond Nails Prices List 2024: Cost & Reviews

At a Glance:

  • Diamond Nails is a salon chain that provides nail care and beauty services throughout the United States.
  • The friendly and experienced staff is committed to keeping your nails beautiful and healthy.
  • The salon provides high quality service comparable to leading salon brands at affordable prices.

Introduction to Diamond Nails Salon & Spa

Introduction to Diamond Nails Salon & Spa

Diamond Nails is a salon chain that offers nail care and beauty services. The salon chain is a franchise with locations throughout the United States, including in states such as California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida, among others. The services offered at Diamond Nails salons include manicures, pedicures, acrylic and gel nail enhancements, waxing, and other beauty treatments.

Diamond Nails takes pride in being an eco-friendly wellness and beauty center that offers a full range of nail services. Take advantage of a rejuvenating beauty and wellness treatment that your body deserves!

Allow yourself to relax! This salon is amazing! It’s fresh, inviting, and peaceful. The nail technicians are both courteous and professional, and they will go out of their way to pamper you. Experience pampering at its finest, so stop by a Diamond Nails salon for high-quality nail treatment and more!

Diamond Nails: Pros & Cons

Diamond Nails Salon & Spa: Pros & Cons

Diamond Nails has developed a loyal following through the years primarily because of their high quality service and affordable rates. Following are the pros that make the salon popular, as well as some of the cons:


  • Friendly, accommodating, and experienced staff.
  • Clean and hygienic facilities.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Patient nail techs who make sure that clients are satisfied with the service.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • A few customers complained of late service even when coming in early for their appointment.
  • There are complaints about technicians rushing the service.


To avoid misunderstandings, be clear on your preferences when you confirm your appointment, and come in early.

Diamond Nails Prices

Diamond Nails Salon and Spa Prices

Diamond Nails is a well-known salon chain that specializes in nail care services, including manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions. The salon chain has been in business for several years and has built a reputation for providing high-quality services using the latest techniques and equipment.

The prices at Diamond Nails vary depending on the specific services and location of the salon. Generally, the prices for basic manicures and pedicures start at around $25, while more complex services such as acrylic or gel nail extensions may cost upwards of $50 or more. The salon also offers packages and memberships that can provide discounted rates for regular customers.

In addition to nail care services, Diamond Nails also provides other beauty services such as waxing, eyelash extensions, and facials. The salon chain also carries a wide selection of nail polish and beauty products for purchase.

Overall, Diamond Nails is a reputable salon chain that offers a range of high-quality nail care and beauty services. While prices may vary depending on location and services, customers can expect to receive professional and personalized service at a competitive price point.

To give you an idea on the prices of Diamond Nails services, here’s a quick rundown.

Cost of Manicures

The cost of a regular manicure is $25.00. Deluxe and other special manicure services are available starting from $50.00.

Cost of Pedicures

A regular pedicure costs $35.00, while the spa and other special pedicure services cost $45.00 and up.

Cost of Specialty Nails

Specialty Nails like acrylics are available from $40.00 for a full set, $45.00 and up for dip powder nails, and $50.00 and up for other specialty nails.

Cost of Diamond Nails

Cost of Diamond Nails

Diamond manicure, a relatively new fashion trend, is also available. It can be achieved in two ways. The first is by applying prismatic papers to the nails and then topping it with a gel coat to make the nail beds look like real diamonds. The second option is to have a regular manicure followed by real diamond embellishments. The price starts from $5.00 per nail. Ask the salon for the price if actual diamonds will be used.

Other services are available (see price list for details).

Diamond Nails Prices List

Following is a price list of Diamond Nails services. Note that these are only estimates and may vary a little from the current actual prices.

Diamond Nails Prices List:




Classic Manicure


Gel Manicure


Classic Manicure w/ Pedicure



Classic Pedicure


Gel Pedicure


Luxury Pedicure


Deluxe Spa Pedicure


Artificial Nail Service:

Acrylic Full Set

starts from $40.00

Acrylic Fill In

starts from $30.00

French Tip

starts from $45.00

French Tip Fill In

starts from $35.00

Rodical Gel Powder

starts from $55.00

Rodical Fill In

starts from $45.00

Pink & White Powder Full Set

starts from $60.00

Pink & White Powder Fill In

starts from $45.00

Acrylic w/ Gel Polish Full Set

starts from $50.00

Acrylic w/ Gel Polish Fill In

starts from $40.00

Ombre Powder Full Set

starts from $60.00

Ombre Powder Fill In

starts from $45.00

Dip Powder

starts from $45.00

Other Services:

Polish Change - Hands

starts from $12.00

Polish Change - Feet

starts from $17.00

Gel Polish Change - Hands

starts from $25.00

Gel Polish Change - Feet

starts from $30.00

Nail Repair

starts from $5.00

Nail Removal

starts from $15.00

Nail Removal w/ Manicure

starts from $28.00

Nail Art (Including diamond manicure)

starts from $5.00/nail (on top of manicure service)

Diamond Nails Prices Compared to Other Nail Salons

Diamond Nails Prices Compared to Other Nail Salons

Overall, prices at Diamond Nails are comparable to competing for salon brands. Its $25.00 manicure and $33.00 pedicure are lower than Signature Nails ($30.00/$32.00).

However, they are a bit higher than those of Deluxe Nails & Spa ($15.00/ $25.00), Nails 2000 ($19.00/$29.00),  Perfect Nails ($17.00/$30.00), and Solar Nails ($20.00/$31.00). Prices for specialty nails and other services follow the same trend.

Diamond Nails Appointment, Payment, & Notes

Diamond Nails Salon and Spa Appointment, Payment, & Notes

While Diamond Nails accepts walk-ins, priority is given to those with an appointment. But be sure to come early for your appointment to avoid inconvenience. Set an appointment by phone or through the website. They accept cash and credit card payments.

Diamond Nails Coupons

Diamond Nails Coupons

Visit coupon websites to check if there are Diamond Nails coupons that you can use to avail of discounts. You can also visit the website of Diamond Nails location nearest you to check for coupons and special offers.

Diamond Nails Salon & Spa Open Hours & Locations

Diamond Nails Salon & Spa Open Hours & Locations

Diamond Nails is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm. They are usually closed on Sundays. Check the website of the Diamond Nails location you intend to visit.

  • Durham, NC – Tel. 919-484-2928
  • Las Vegas, NV – Tel. 702-269-0077
  • Gathersburg, MD – Tel. +1 301 963 7333

Visit the website for the exact directions.

Diamond Nails Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Diamond Nails Reviews

Reviews and Feedback

Users give Diamond Nails an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 on both Facebook and Yelp. Many satisfied customers are happy about their salon experience. Others rave about the friendly staff, skilled technicians, clean facilities, and affordable prices.

On the other hand, there are a few disgruntled customers who complain about the low quality of service they got from the salon. A few others even say they got rude treatment.

Reviews From Actual Customers

We scoured the net for reviews from actual customers – both positive and negative – to get a fair overall assessment of the salon. Here are some of them:

Diamond Nails Reviews From Actual Customers


Diamond Nails Cost

Diamond Nails offers high quality nail services at affordable prices. This is why the salon brand has developed a sizable base of loyal patrons over the years. However, you need not take my word for it. It’s best to experience the salon yourself and see what the hype is all about.

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