Queen Nails and Spa Prices List 2024: Cost & Reviews

At a Glance:

  • Queen Nails & Spa guarantees to provide the best nail services possible at affordable rates.
  • Prices start at $30.00 for a regular manicure and upwards for more premium services.
  • Business hours are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Mon – Thu), 9:30 am to 7:30 pm (Fri), 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (Sat), and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sun).

What Is Queen Nails & Spa?

Queen Nails and Spa

Queen Nails & Spa is a salon chain that specializes in nail care and spa treatments. The salon chain has been in business for several years and has built a reputation for providing high-quality services to its customers.

Queen Nails & Spa offers a clean environment and welcoming ambience to both loyal and new clients. The moment you step into the salon, you will instantly feel relaxed, and find reprieve from the pressures of your day to day toil.

The professional, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic nail technicians guarantee to provide clients with a salon experience different from all others.

At Queen Nails & Spa, the top priority is customer satisfaction, safety, and hygiene!

What Services Does Queen Nails & Spa Provide?

Aside from high quality manicures and pedicures, Queen Nails & Spa also offers a wide range of other services. These include spa pedicures, spa pedicure packages, dip powder nails, and gel polish. Nail enhancements and add-on services like nail design, nail damage repair, and nail shaping, among others, are also available.

Queen Nails: Pros & Cons

Queen Nails Pros and Cons

The salon offers many advantages that turn first-time clients into loyal patrons. This section will discuss the main advantages, as well as a few cons that you should know.


  • Wide array of services.
  • Professional, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented nail techs.
  • Easy booking process.


  • Only 1 branch in Philadelphia.
  • Some clients complain about getting sloppy service, but it is rare and probably due to a misunderstanding.


Make sure you have a confirmed booking before coming to the salon to avoid scheduling mishaps. Always be clear about the specific services you need to avoid getting charged for services you didn’t ask for.

Queen Nails & Spa Prices

Queen Nails and Spa Prices

The prices for nail care services at Queen Nails & Spa are generally on the higher end, with basic manicures and pedicures starting at around $30. More complex services like acrylic or gel nail enhancements may cost upwards of $50 or more. The salon also offers packages and memberships that provide discounted rates for regular customers.

In addition to nail care services, Queen Nails & Spa offers a variety of spa treatments, including massages, facials, and waxing. The prices for spa treatments at Queen Nails & Spa vary depending on the specific service and location of the salon. Generally, the prices for massages start at around $70 for a 60-minute session, while facials may cost upwards of $100 or more depending on the type of facial and length of the treatment.

Queen Nails & Spa also carries a selection of high-end beauty products for purchase. The prices of these products can vary, but generally, customers can expect to pay a premium price for these high-end beauty products.

The salon chain carries a variety of well-known and reputable brands in the beauty industry, including skincare, makeup, and hair care products.

The prices of high-end beauty products at Queen Nails & Spa are generally on the higher end, but customers can expect to receive quality products that can help enhance their beauty routine. Skincare products range from around $50 for a basic moisturizer to around $200 for a high-end serum or facial cream. Makeup products range from around $30 for a basic lipstick to upwards of $100 for a high-end foundation or palette. Hair care products range from around $20 for a basic shampoo to upwards of $100 for a professional-grade hair treatment.

Overall, Queen Nails & Spa is a reputable salon chain that offers a range of high-quality nail care and spa treatments. While prices may be higher than other salon chains, customers can expect professional and personalized service in a luxurious setting. The salon chain’s staff are also available to provide recommendations and advice to customers looking for specific beauty products.

Following are the different service categories and their estimated costs:

Cost of Manicures

A manicure at Queen Nails & Spa is a treat not only for the nails but also for the hands. Manicure prices range from $30.00 for a regular manicure up to $50.00 for a Deluxe Manicure.

Cost of Regular Pedicures and Spa Pedicures

More than regular pedicures, spa pedicures come with additional features like a foot soak, massage, and exfoliation. Regular pedicures cost $30.00 while spa pedicure prices start from $40.00.

Cost of Spa Pedicure Packages

Spa pedicure packages include other services not part of regular and spa pedicures. These include callous removal ($5.00), and polish change (starts from $12.00), among others.

Cost of Dip Powder (SNS Color Powder)

The SNS nail dipping system involves using a gel brush-on base on the nail that is then dipped in the powder. It is available in pink & white, as well as various colors. The procedure is popular for both clients and nail techs because it looks natural, and it’s tough but light. Prices start from $35.00 and up.

Cost of Gel Polish

The durable, chip-free finish requires no drying time, and can last for up to two weeks. A gel manicure costs $30.00. Gel polish change is available for $20.00 and up.

Cost of Nail Enhancements

Nail enhancements include artificial nails like acrylic and UV gel. A full set of acrylic costs $55.00, while a full set of gel nails costs $60.00. Acrylic and UV gel fill-ins are available for $45.00.

Queen Nails & Spa Prices List

Queen Nails Prices List (Manicures)



Regular Manicure


Classic Manicure


Hot Oil Manicure


Gel Manicure


Deluxe Manicure


Dip It Color


Dip It Color w/ Tips

Starts at $55

Polish Change (Hands)


Gel Polish Change


Take Off Extra


Dip/Acrylic/Gel Takeoff


Shiny Buff




Paraffin Treatment


Queen Nails Prices List (Pedicures Spa)



Regular Pedicure


Classic Spa


Mint Spa


Jelly Spa


Deluxe Spa


Mysterious Ocean Spa


Golden Mustique Spa


Volcano Spa


Gel Take Off




Gel Add On


Polish Change (Feet)


Gel Polish Change (Feet)


Queen Nails Prices List (Pedicures Spa Package)



Callous Removal


Gel Add On


Polish Change Regular


Polish Change Gel


Queen Nails Prices List (Nail Enhancements)



Acrylic Fill w/ Gel On


Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel On


UV Gel Fill w/ Gel On


UV Gel Full Set w/ Gel On


Ombre Nails Dip/Acrylic Set


Dip Ii Color


Dip Ii Color w/ Tips


Special Shape


Long Nails

$5 to $10

2 Nails Design

Starts from $7

10 Nails Design

Starts from $15

Prices Compared to Other Nail Salon Brands

Queen Nails Prices Compared to Other Nail Salon Brands

Most services at Queen Nails & Spa cost higher than those of competitors like US Nails, Allure Nails, and Bella Nails. Let’s compare the $30.00 manicure and pedicure from Queens Nails vs. the equivalent services from other brands.

US Nails charges $17.00 for a basic manicure and $25.00 for a basic pedicure. A regular manicure costs $15.00 while a regular pedicure costs $25.00 at Allure Nails. On the other hand, Bella Nails’ starting manicure and pedicure prices are $40.00 and $55.00, respectively.

Waxing Services and Prices

Queen Nails Waxing Services and Prices

Avail of waxing services to remove unwanted hair and smoothen the skin in various parts of your body. Price starts from $6.00 for the lip all the way to $50.00 for a Brazilian or for full leg waxing.

Queen Nails Prices List (Waxing)




Starts from $6


Starts from $8




Starts from $12



Half Arms


Full Arms






Half Legs


Full Legs




Additional (Add-on) & Other Services and Prices

Queen Nails Additional (Add-on) & Other Services and Prices

There are add-on services available to go with your manicure or pedicure service. These include French, gel polish, French gel polish, as well as polish change. The price starts from $5.00 to $30.00.

Payment, Appointment, and Notes

Queen Nails Payment, Appointment, and Notes

Cash and major credit cards are accepted. Priority is given to clients with appointments, although walk-ins are also accepted.

To book an appointment, just visit Queen Nails’s Website and fill up the booking form. You can also call 215-592-1629. You can choose the date, services, and even the technician you prefer. Make sure to get a confirmation call or email before coming.

Queen Nails & Spa Coupons and Gift Cards

Queen Nails and Spa Coupons

You can find and download discount coupons from coupon websites. You can also visit the official Queen Nails website to check on current promos and discount offers.

Queen Nails & Spa Open Hours and Location

Queen Nails and Spa Open Hours and Location

The salon is open daily, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Mon – Thu), 9:30 am to 7:30 pm (Fri), 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (Sat), and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sun).

The salon is located at 16 North 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. You can call 215-592-1629 or leave a message via the “Contact Us” page.

Queen Nails & Spa Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Queen Nails and Spa Reviews

The salon has an impressive average rating of 4 stars out of 5 on yelp.  Customers are mostly satisfied with the superior quality of service that the experienced techs provide. The nail technicians are also quite a detail oriented, and take their time in making sure that your nails get the right service.

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost to Get Nails Done at Queen Nails & Spa

Cost to Get Nails Done at Queen Nails & Spa

For $30.00 and up, you will get perhaps one of the best nail jobs possible, and many satisfied patrons can confirm it. The biggest drawback is that the salon only has a single shop in Philadelphia. However, if you are in the area and looking to have your nails done, then Queen Nails & Spa is one salon we highly recommend.

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