Gel Nails Prices List 2024: How Much Do Gel Nails Cost?

Do you want to pamper yourself with a luxurious manicure? Maybe get some nail art, rhinestones, and trendy colors? If so, then getting gel nails would be a good option. It can give you the same confidence boost as a good hair day or a spot-on outfit.

If you want to learn more about gel nails, how they work, how long they last, and how much they cost, among others, read on.

What Are Gel Nails? and How Do Gel Nails Work?

What Are Gel Nails? and How Do Gel Nails Work?

Gel nails or gel manicure is a relatively new salon service that involves the use of gel-based polish. It also needs LED light or UV to cure the polish and keep it locked to your nails.

Unlike the regular type of white polish that starts to chip in only two or three days, the gel is a lot more durable. It can remain chip-free for several weeks, depending on how you care for it.

How Long Do Gel Nails Last?

How Long Do Gel Nails Last

On average, a gel manicure can remain intact for two to three weeks, more if given proper care. It lasts much longer than regular nail polish that can start to chip in a couple of days.

Gel Nails: Pros & Cons


  • Gel nails are long-lasting.
  • They also look and feel good.
  • They are flexible and always look fresh.
  • You can even easily remove them at home.


  • Gel nails require the use of UV light to polish. As such, there are concerns that they can cause skin cancer and premature skin aging. However, no studies have been done to confirm such claims.

Gel Nails Prices: How Much Are Gel Nails (at a Salon)?

Gel Nails Prices: How Much Are Gel Nails at a Salon

The cost of gel manicures can vary, depending on your location and the quality of the salon doing the service. But in general, gel manicures are more expensive than regular manicures by around $5 to $10.

Starting price is around $35 to $40. This does not include the removal process, which is also important. Just peeling off or scraping the polish can damage your cuticles and nail beds.

How Much Is a Full Set of Gel Nails?

A full set of gel nails in US salons can cost around $60, but it can go up to as much as $100 with intricate nail art, and the service is done in a high-end salon.

How Much Do Gel-X Nails Cost?

Gel-X Nails cost around $100 to $150, depending on the design and colors. Simple designs and solid colors are on the more affordable side.

How Much Are Gel Nails With Tips?

For a single session, the average cost of gel nails (including removal, nail art, tips, and treatments is around $45 to $100.

How Much Are Gel Nails With Designs?

The average cost of gel nails with design is around $45 to $60, but can go up to as much as $100 with more intricate designs.

How Much Are Gel Nails Extensions?

Your local nail shop may charge as low as $20 for gel nail extensions. However, if you opt for a reputable nail technician who caters to A-listers, then the price can go up to at least $80.

How Much Is A Fill In For Gel Nails?

On average, fill-ins can cost anywhere from $20 to $40. A full set can cost around $60.

French Gel Nails Price

If you prefer your gel nails to have French tips, prepare to pay $10 extra for the service. So if a full set of gel nails costs $60, it will be $70 with French tips.

Gel Nails Prices List

The following table shows the average prices of gel nail services. Prices vary, depending on various factors like location and salon reputation, among others.

Gel Nails Prices List


Average Prices:

Gel Nails (Basic)

$35 to $40

Full Set

$60 to $100


$100 to $150

Gel Nails w/ Tips

$45 to $100

Gel Nails w/ Design

$45 to $100

Gel Nail Extensions

$20 to $80


$20 to $60

French Gel Nails

$10 additional

Factors That Can Affect The Gel Nails Cost

Factors That Can Affect The Gel Nails Cost

The following factors can determine the price of the gel nail services you will avail:

  • Location – The location of the shop can also determine the price of the service. Salons in the middle of bustling cities are typically more expensive.
  • Type of Gel Nail – The type of gel nail you intend to use will determine the price of the service you will pay. Of course, more expensive materials can jack up the total cost of the service.
  • Shop – Salons that have an A-list clientele usually charge higher than smaller and lesser known ones.
  • Your Own Materials or Theirs – The cost will be lower if you bring your own materials. It will be more expensive if the materials will be provided by the salon.
  • Additional Services – Any additional service you opt for will incur additional charges on top of basic gel nails.
  • Home Service – Having a technician come to your home to apply your gel nails carry an extra cost. Compared to home service, visiting the salon would be cheaper.

Gel Nails Prices Compared to Other Manicures

Gel Nails Prices Compared to Other Manicures

Are Gel Nails Or Acrylic Nails Cheaper?

In general, acrylic nails are cheaper than gel nails, but not by much. The difference is only a few dollars.

Are Gel Nails Or Dip Powder Manicures Cheaper?

Dip powder manicures are generally a little bit more expensive, and last longer compared to gel manicures. The price difference is around $5 to $10.

How to Properly Tip Your Gel Nail Technician?

How to Properly Tip Your Gel Nail Technician

For regular manicures, a 20% tip is justified. However, since the application of gel nails requires additional skills and a longer time to apply, a bigger tip may be proper. 25% to 30% would be alright, especially if you are satisfied with the service.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Gel Nails Off?

How Much Does It Cost to Get Gel Nails Off

If you want to have your gel nails removed, it will cost you around $10 to $20. However, unlike regular nail polish that chips in only a matter of days, gel nails can last for as long as 2 to 3 weeks, even longer with proper care. Thus you won’t have to spend for removal frequently.

How to Save Money On Gel Nails?

How to Save Money On Gel Nails

If you want to save money on gel nails, avoid going to big-name salons as they usually charge higher, unless you have discount coupons. Instead, go to smaller local salons that are known to provide good quality service. Also, avoid requesting for home service, unless necessary.

Do Gel Nails Damage Your Natural Nails?

Do Gel Nails Damage Your Natural Nails

Although gel nails are long-lasting and attractive, they can be harsh on your natural nails. Gel manicures are known to cause peeling, cracking, and nail brittleness.

Gel Nail Precautions You Should Take

Gel Nail Maintenance and Precautions You Should Take

To maintain healthy nails before, during, and after a gel manicure, it is best to follow the tips from dermatologists:

  • Be proactive with your nail technician and allow her to do her job.
  • Instead of using gel polish, consider using traditional nail polish.
  • Always wear sunscreen when going out.
  • Avoid picking your gel nail polish.
  • Soak your fingertips only in acetone.

Gel Nails Reviews: Are Gel Nails Worth It?

Gel Nails Reviews: Are Gel Nails Worth It

Gel nails are very popular today because of their durability, which makes it worth the money you spend. They don’t easily chip, and you only need to take them off once your nails have grown out excessively. Gel nails are also a good option if you want to grow out your natural nails.

Cheaper Alternative To Gel Nails

Cheaper Alternative To Gel Nails

Press-on nails is a cheaper alternative to gel nails. They are very accessible and easy to apply. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. No shaping or filing is necessary. All you need to do is to stick them on.

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost To Get Gel Nails?

How Much Does It Cost To Get Gel Nails

To sum everything up, the cost of gel nails depends on various factors including the salon, nail technician, and location. With prices starting at $35 to $40, the service is more expensive than regular manicures.

However, the extra money you spend is worth it because gel manicures last long, and remain beautiful for weeks.

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