Diva Nails Salon Prices List 2024: Cost & Reviews

At a glance:

  • Nail prices range from $20 to $57.
  • Diva Nails Salon operates every day from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • Most customers love the friendly and efficient services provided by Diva Nails Salon.

Price is always the main deciding factor before choosing which salon you want to get your nails done in. With Diva Nails Salon, the prices are generally affordable, with the cheapest service available for $20.

We’ve researched the prices for all the services available at Diva Nails Salon, as well as with competitor brands to give you a fair and objective preview of the brand.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Diva Nails Salon is and whether it’s worth every dollar you plan on spending.

What is Diva Nails Salon?

Diva Nails Salon

Diva Nails Salon is a Beauty and Wellness establishment based in San Jose, California. It also has other branches in different places in the US.

Diva Nails Salon offers Manicure and Pedicure services, from acrylic polish to two tones and glitter nails. Aside from that, they also offer waxing services, both for your face and body.

Diva Nails Salon: Pros & Cons

As with every other business establishment, there are advantages and disadvantages to having your nails done at Diva Nails Salon.


  • Friendly and efficient service.
  • Clean and spacious environment.
  • Huge selection of colors to choose from.


  • Other services and products they offer can be a bit pricey.


Diva Nails Salon definitely has an edge with the customer service they provide, as well as with their well-maintained establishment. However, people might find that some services are too pricey for their liking.

Diva Nails Salon Prices

Diva Nails Prices

Cost of Manicures

Diva Nails Salon offers six different manicure services.

  • Refresh Manicure is a nail and cuticle care treatment that lasts 30 mins and costs $20.
  • Diva Special Manicure includes special manicure designs and hot Paraffin treatment and costs $32.
  • Gel Manicure with Paraffin treatment is available for $37.
  • Diva Gel Manicure also costs $37.
  • Diva Signature Manicure with Paraffin treatments, Flame Oil, and Hydration Mask is available at $47.
  • Diva Gel Signature Manicure with a gel polish of your choice costs $57.

Cost of Pedicures

There are four different Pedicure services available at Diva Nails Salon.

  • Express Spa Pedicure for a perfect spa pedicure on the go is available for only $25.
  • Classic Spa Pedicure costs $35. However, you can opt to not have the foot massage and only pay $30.
  • Silky Treatment Spa Pedicure which can include Paraffin Treatment or Callus Treatment costs $42.
  • Diva Special Spa Pedicure is available for $47.

Cost of Acrylics

  • A Regular Tip with Polish costs $32, with the refill only costing $27.
  • Regular Tip with Gel Polish is available for $40, with the refill costing $35.
  • White Tip with Clear Gel is also available for $40, with the refill also costing $35.
  • Clear Tip with Gel French costs $45, with the refill costing $40.
  • Overlay Acrylic is available for $40, with the refill costing $35.

Cost of Dip Powder

  • Overlay for Natural/Real Nail is available for $40.
  • A Full Set costs $45.
  • Dipping Powder Removal will cost you only $12.

Cost of Gel

  • Pink & White with Clear Gel costs $50, with the refill costing $45.
  • Pink & Glitter with Clear Gel also costs $50, with the refill costing $45.

Cost of Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails are available for $40, with the refill costing $35.

Cost of Polish Change

  • A Regular Polish Change is available for $20.
  • A Gel Polish Change costs $25.

Cost of Nails Removal

For Nails Removal, you are charged a fee of $5.

Diva Nails Prices List:




Refresh Manicure


Diva Special Manicure


Gel Manicure with Paraffin Treatment


Diva Signature Manicure


Diva Gel Signature Manicure



Express Spa Pedicure


Classic Spa Pedicure

$35.00; ($30.00 without massage)

Silky Treatment Spa Pedicure


Diva Special Spa Pedicure


Artificial Nail Service:

Regular Tip with Polish


Regular Tip with Gel Polish


White Tip with Clear Gel


Clear Tip with Gel French


Overlay Acrylic


Dip Powder:



Full Set


Dipping Powder Removal


Polish Change:

Regular Polish Change


Ombre Powder Fill In



Pink & White with Clear Gel


Pink & Glitter with Clear Gel


Prices Compared to other Nails Salons

Prices Compared to other Nails Salons

The manicure services at Diva Nails Salon cost a lot less compared to other brands. For instance, the classic manicure costs only $20 at Diva Nails Salon while Noire Nail Bar charges $28.

Similarly, Diva Nails Salon also offers cheaper pedicure services at a $25 to $47 price range compared to Posh Nails’ $50 to $70 price range for pedicures. It’s also a lot cheaper than T&T Nails, where the cheapest pedicure service costs $42.

Acrylic prices in Diva Nails Salon are more or less similar to other brands. For example, the price at Diva Nails Salon starts at $32. Meanwhile, the price for Acrylics at Top Nails starts at around $30.

The full-set Dipping Powder in Diva Nails Salon is slightly cheaper than other brands, with it costing $40 while American Nails charges $45 for it.

Extras Prices/Cost

You can choose to upgrade any manicure service to gel polish for an extra shiny and longer-lasting polish for an additional fee of $15.

Waxing Services Prices

Aside from nail service, Diva Nails Salon also offers waxing services.

They offer facial waxing services, with prices ranging from $8 to $44. Their Sideburns waxing service is the cheapest at $8, as well as their Chin and Lip waxing services. Their Cheeks, Neck and Nose waxing services are slightly more expensive at $10. They also do Eyebrow waxing for $14.

Finally, they offer a Full Face wax for $44.

They also offer Body Waxing services, starting at $10 for the Hands, Toes, and Stomach (Trip). Their Underarms and Lower Back wax both cost $15, while their Chest (Trip) costs $17.

For an Upper and Mid Back wax, you are charged $20 each. A full Chest wax is available for $23 while a full Stomach wax costs $25.

You can also have half of your arms waxed for $27. A Bikini Line wax is also available for $28.

Waxing your Upper and Lower legs will cost you $32 for each half of your leg. Meanwhile, a full Arm wax costs $33.

A full Bikini wax costs $40 while a Brazilian Bikini wax costs $42.

A full Back wax is also available for $53, while a full Leg wax comes a $63.


You can choose to book an appointment in advance or opt for walk-in service.

Diva Nails Salon Coupons & Gift Card

If you want to save money on nail services, Diva Nails Salon offers gift cards.

Diva Nails Salon Locations Near Me

Diva Nails Salon is open 7 days a week, from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. You can contact the establishment online by leaving a note on their website or through their phone number.

With Diva Nails Salon expanding to other locations, you can simply check online to see if they have a branch near you.

Diva Nails Salon Reviews: Is it worth it?

Diva Nails Reviews

We have searched the internet for different reviews and testimonials about Diva Nails Salon. These include both positive and negative reviews to give you an overall idea of the performance of the establishment.

Diva Nails Salon Reviews

Customers particularly appreciate the friendly staff and efficient service at Diva Nails Salon. They also highlighted how the establishment has an incredibly clean, hygienic, and well-maintained space, which only adds to the comfort of their experience.

However, customers do also find it frustrating that the service they get isn’t what they asked for, sometimes.


For the most part, the prices in Diva Nails Salon are affordable, especially when compared to other nail brands. The average cost for their manicure services falls at $45, while their pedicure services average at around $30. They also offer waxing services for both the face and body, with prices ranging from $8 to $63.

If you want to give Diva Nails Salon a try, then don’t hesitate to contact them and book an appointment now.

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