Majestic Nails & Spa Prices List 2024: Cost & Reviews

At a glance:

  • Majestic Nails & Spa has chains all over the US.
  • The prices of their nail services range from $18 to $85.
  • Salon hours are from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM on weekdays, 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturdays, and 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays.

Majestic Nails Salon & Spa

Majestic Nails Salon and Spa

Majestic Nails & Spa is a professional standard salon whose services are not limited to nail care. They have chains all over the United States so you might be able to find one near you.

The salon boasts of high-quality nail polish and acrylics. They have a team of experienced professionals delivering top-of-the line manicures and pedicures so you’ll always leave their salon, satisfied and feeling like a brand new you.

Majestic Nails & Spa operates every day but at varying times. On weekdays, they are open from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Meanwhile, they are open from 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturdays and 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays.

What Services Does Majestic Nails & Spa Provide?

What Services Does Majestic Nails and Spa Provide

Majestic Nails & Spa offers different types of manicure services such as Express Manicure, Organic Manicure, Golden Mystique Manicure, etc. Their pedicure services also include express pedicure, grand pedicure, serum spa pedicure, etc.

Aside from that, Majestic Nails & Spa also offers waxing services and body massages to their clients.

Majestic Nails & Spa: Pros & Cons

Majestic Nails and Spa Pros and Cons

It goes without saying that no business is perfect. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages.

That said, here are the pros and cons of availing service from the Majestic Nails & Spa salon.


  • Thorough and efficient nail service.
  • Staff are friendly and care about their customers.
  • High-quality services.
  • Calm and relaxing environment.
  • High ratings from satisfied customers.


  • Wait time can be a lot longer than expected.


Overall, the pros of Majestic Nails & Spa fully outweigh its cons.

Majestic Nails & Spa Prices

Majestic Nails and Spa Prices

The regular manicure at Majestic Nails & Spa, also referred to as Express Manicure, costs $18. This covers everything relating to natural nail care such as nail reshaping, buffing, cuticle details, massage, and your preferred nail polish color.

Majestic Nails Manicure Prices

Majestic Nails Manicure Prices

A typical Majestic Nails & Spa manicure costs somewhere around $25 to $48. This includes the Royal Manicure which includes an aromatic soak, typical natural nail care inclusions, masque, hot towel wrap, and a neck and shoulders massage.

Their most popular service is the Organic Manicure which costs $30. This service comes with an aromatic soak, aromatic dry skin exfoliation scrub, natural nail care, hot towel wrap, aromatic mud mask, and paraffin wax treatment extended aromatic lotion massage or volcanic hot stone massage on the shoulders and neck.

Majestic Nails Pedicure Prices

Majestic Nails Pedicure Prices

Majestic Nails & Spa’s regular pedicure costs $29. This includes an all natural bath for your feet, reshaping nails and cuticles, sugar scrub, and detail buffing. The lotion is also applied to moisturize your leg before painting your nails with the polish of your choice.

The professional spa services at Majestic Nails & Spa are priced reasonably, allowing you to get your money’s worth.

Majestic Nails & Spa Prices List:



Gel Nails:

Express Mani Color Gel


Express Mani French Gel


Royal Mani Gel Color


Organic Mani Gel Color


Majestic Mani Gel Color


Golden Mani Gel Color


Dipping Powder:

Dipping Powder




With Express Mani


With Royal Mani


With Organic Mani


With Majestic Mani


With Golden Mani


Nail Enhancements:

Glossy Gel


Gel Color Extra




Pink Only Fill


Full Set


Solar Pink and White Fill


Solar Pink and White





Nail Repair

More than $3.00

Nail Design

More than $5.00

Nail Polish Change


Nail Removal


Toe Polish Change


Nail Polish With French


Toe Polish With French


Manicure Services:

Express Manicure


Royal Manicure


Organic Manicure


Majestic Manicure


Golden Mystique Manicure


Pedicure Services:

Express Pedicure


Royal Pedicure


Organic Pedicure


Grand Pedicure


Majestic Pedicure


Golden Mystique Pedicure


Serum Spa Pedicure


Majestic Nails Prices Compared to other Nail Salons

Majestic Nails Prices Compared to other Nail Salons

The prices at Majestic Nails & Spa are relatively cheaper than other brands. For instance, a regular manicure service costs $25 at LV Nails. Nails 2000 offers their manicure services for $19 meanwhile it costs $18 at Majestic Nails & Spa.

Pedicure services at Majestic Nails & Spa also cost less at $29. Tina Nails offers their regular pedicure services for $45, Anna Nails has their services priced at $35 and Venus Nails offers theirs for $30.

Eyebrow & Waxing Services Prices

  • The salon also offers eyebrow tinting for $15.
  • Waxing services are also available at Majestic Nails & Spa, with prices ranging from $8 to over $55, depending on the body part or parts you want to be waxed.

Majestic Nails & Spa Appointment &

CouponsMajestic Nails & Spa Appointment &


  • You can book an appointment by visiting their website and filling out a form.
  • You can find coupons offering discounts for Majestic Nails & Spa services and help you save on costs.

Majestic Nails & Spa Open Hours & Location Near You

Majestic Nails & Spa Open Hours & Location Near Me

If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact the salon through the number posted on their website. To check whether they have a branch near you, simply look up the name of the salon along with your location.

Majestic Nails & Spa Reviews: Is it worth it?

Majestic Nails Reviews

We scoured the internet to give you testimonies on people’s experiences with Majestic Nails and Spa. This can help you decide whether the salon is worth visiting.

Majestic Nails Reviews From Actual Customers

Based on these reviews from actual customers, it’s clear that the salon is highly rated and favored by its clients. Although they might have some lapses, overall, Majestic Nails & Spa is a great salon to go to.


Majestic Nails Cost

So, how much does it cost to get your nails done at Majestic Nails & Spa? They offer their services at a lesser price than compared to other brands without sacrificing the quality of their service. Majestic Nails & Spa has built a steady reputation and knows what their customers want and need.

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