Almond vs. Oval Nails: What’s The Difference?

Choosing the right nail polish color for your manicure might be challenging. Still, there is another essential factor to take into consideration. The shape of your nails can dramatically impact the result of the process. Both oval and almond are popular options due to their flattering effect. As you might have guessed, they were named for their resembling shapes.

While they appear similar to the untrained eye, they have certain distinct characteristics that set them apart. By the end of this article, you will be able to walk into your favorite nail salon and leave with the most flattering nails you have ever had!

Main Difference Between Almond and Oval Nails

Main Difference Between Almond and Oval Nails

Though they are quite similar, the tip of the oval tends to be more rounded and blunt than the almond. The almond shape is also more delicate and typically requires gel or acrylic nails for additional strength, whereas the oval works fine on natural nails.

Understanding the Differences: Almond vs. Oval Nails

Understanding the Differences: Almond vs. Oval Nails

What’s in the Shape?

The almond shape has a wide base and slender sides that meet at a peak, resembling the eponymous nut. On the other hand, the oval shape has a softer and blunter tip.


Almond nails are currently trendy, while oval nails are a classic. Your style plays a huge factor, although there are more factors to consider.


If you have short fingers, the oval shape is ideal because it resembles the shape of the fingers. Meanwhile, the almond shape suits any finger length. The oval shape is more forgiving in terms of nail length as it only requires nails that are longer than the fingertips. Medium to long nails is recommended for the almond shape.

Application Process

Almond and oval nails are achieved by filing the sides, although the almond tip is pointier and the oval is more rounded. Oval nails can work on natural nails, but almond nails might require the help of acrylics or gels to reinforce them.

Price / Cost

Salons typically offer oval and almond nails at the same price. However, gels and acrylics are recommended if you want an almond shape. In the United States, a basic manicure costs $22.75, while gels go for $51.29 and acrylics for $46.01 as of 2019.

Safety & Health

Unlike oval nails, almond nails often require reinforcement in the form of gels or acrylics. While natural nails are more prone to chipping, inappropriately applied gels and acrylics can do more damage to the nails.


Oval nails, especially when natural, do not require much maintenance. Meanwhile, almond nails should receive more attention. Acrylics and gels require maintenance every two to three weeks.

Which One Lasts Longer?

When done on natural nails, the almond tends to break or chip more quickly than its oval counterpart. Acrylics and gels are more suitable for almond nails for this reason. Gels and acrylics are known to last two to three weeks.


As for removal, it depends on whether you are getting acrylics, gels, or natural nails done. On natural nails, the almond has a higher tendency to break. However, gels and acrylics involve more complicated removal processes.

Almond vs. Oval Nails: Pros & Cons

Almond Nails Pros:

  • The almond shape makes fingers appear longer and slenderer.
  • The pointier tip looks dainty, elegant, and trendy.
  • Almond nails are quite strong, even if they require filing the sides.
  • Convenient location and operating hours.
  • High ratings from satisfied customers.

Almond Nails Cons:

  • Almond nails are more likely to break compared to oval nails.
  • Gel polish or acrylic nails are ideal for preventing breakage.
  • They also require longer nails to achieve the desired effect.

Oval Nails Pros:

  • It elongates the fingers.
  • Oval nails have a widening effect that can balance narrow nail beds.
  • These nails appear more natural and classic.
  • This shape is ideal for nail art.
  • Since it is less prone to breakage, natural nails will do.

Oval Nails Cons:

  • Oval nails require longer nails.
  • The shape is less trendy.

Almond vs. Oval Nails: Quick Comparison Chart

Almond Nails vs. Oval Nails:


Almond Nails:

Oval Nails:

What are they?

Nails that taper towards the tip to resemble an almond.

Nails that are more rounded edges with blunter tips.


Filed at the sides, acrylic and gel are recommended over natural nails

Filed at the sides, rounded edges

Range (colors):

Any color

Any color

Nail Length:


Medium, long


Not ideal for housework and certain sports

Will not interrupt daily activities


Trendy shape

Classic look

Average Cost:

Basic manicure ($22.75), gel manicure ($51.29)

Average between $25 to $60

How Long Do They Last?

Acrylic and gel nails last two-three weeks

Natural nails with regular polish last about a week


Acrylic and gel require more effort than natural nails

Natural nails are easier to remove than acrylic and gel

After Effects:

Acrylic and gel tend to damage the nails in the long run


Almond or Oval Nails: Which Is Better?

Almond or Oval Nails: Which Is Better

It’s hard to choose between the two without additional information. If you want durability, flexibility, and low maintenance, oval nails are better for you. But if you want something trendier and do not mind additional maintenance, you can’t go wrong with the almond shape.

Should You Get Almond or Oval Nails?

People with short fingers will appreciate the lengthening effects of oval nails. However, the almond shape is versatile and looks good on any length. The oval is a better choice if you prefer shorter nails since the almond needs more nail length to maintain the shape. Consider whether you are going for a natural or trendy look as well.

Round vs. Oval vs Almond Nails: How to Choose?

The round shape is another popular nail shape. It is good on chubby or short fingers. Its straight sides and rounded edges also elongate and slenderizes the nail beds. It has the benefits of the almond shape but a more classic look. Round nails are also similar to the oval shape but make fingers look more youthful.

Conclusion: Almond vs. Oval Nails

Almond and oval nails are two of the most popular nail shapes for a good reason. Oval nails are ideal if you want something pretty but low maintenance. It is a classic shape that also makes a good base for nail art if you want to jazz things up. Almond nails are more fragile, but this can be remedied with the help of acrylic or gel polish. Many people adore their trendy appearance.

They are both great choices, which ultimately boils down to your lifestyle and preferences. On your next visit to your favorite nail salon, feel free to go for the one you like better! Do not be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect nail shape for you.

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