Round vs Square Nails: What’s The Difference?

Round and square nails both mimic the shape they were named after. The two popular shapes are commonly requested at nail salons for their sturdiness and durability. However, square nails do not have soft, rounded edges, while round nails have no sharp corners.

The square nails look great on slim fingers, while the round nails are perfect if you have shorter fingers. This is only one of many differences between round and square nails. Don’t worry, we will discuss more of them so that you will know which nail shape is better for you by the end of this article.

Main Difference Between Round and Square Nails

Main Difference Between Round and Square Nails

The round shape has straight sides that arch into a circle at the tip. It is a classic and natural choice for a nail shape. This is ideal if you want to elongate your fingers since it mimics the shape of the fingers. Any polish color will look great on round nails.

On the other hand, the square shape has a flat top and sharp corners. This has a more youthful and modern appeal. It is perfect for those with slim fingers since the bluntness offsets the length. The shape goes especially well with solid dark nail polish.

Round vs Square Nails: Understanding the Differences

Round vs Square Nails: Understanding the Differences

In this section, we will discuss the biggest differences between round and square nails.


Round nails are characterized by the tip arching into a circle. On the other hand, square nails have blunt tips and sharp edges.


Round nails follow the natural arc of the cuticles. They are achieved by gently filing side to side, and carefully rounding off the edges. On the other hand, square nails are meant to be blockier. This shape is achieved by filing straight at the tip for maximum bluntness.


Due to the natural appearance of round nails, they go well with any color and design. On the other hand, the trendy look of square nails makes them better with darker colors. They also look great with negative space and geometric nail art.

Which is Stronger?

Both of them are strong, especially when they are short. There is less nail in terms of width and length, so they are less prone to breakage. However, round nails are sturdier since there are no blunt edges that can break off.

Length: Short or Long?

If you want long nails, round nails are the better option between the two. This shape has no sharp corners that might chip. Either of the two is fine when you prefer short nails.

French Tip

Do you like French tip manicures? If so, both shapes will do the trick. The round shape is ideal if you want your nails to look as natural as possible. With square nails, short fingers can look stubbier.

Round vs Square Nails: Quick Comparison Chart

Round vs. Square Nails:


Round Nails:

Square Nails:

Cuticle Lines

Round cuticle lines

Square cuticle lines


Low maintenance

Low maintenance





Less prone

Corners prone to breakage when longer


Any length

Any length but sturdiest when short



Best with solid colors

Nail art


Best with geometric or negative space designs





Elongates fingers, narrows nail beds

Widens nail beds




Round or Square Nails: Which is Better?

Round or Square Nails: Which is Better

Round and square nails are both popular as they are low-maintenance, sturdy, and stylish. However, there are several factors that you need to consider.

If you prefer the sturdiest shape of them all, go with round nails. They do not have sharp edges that may break. The round shape is also better with long nails for the same reason.

Check your cuticle lines, which can help you decide which one is a better fit. If you have round ones, the round shape will complement them. Meanwhile, square nails are better for squarish cuticle lines.

Round vs Square Nails: How to Choose?

Round vs Square Nails: How to Choose - Should I have Round or Square Nails

Should I have Round or Square Nails?

Ultimately, it will depend on your preferences. They are both popular among nail enthusiasts for different reasons.

Do you want something trendy? For this, square nails are better. You can double down by getting negative space or geometric nail art designs. Those who prefer a single color can also look chic by picking a bold solid color.

Round nails will suit those who prefer a classic look. They are durable and will suit a wide variety of colors, designs, and looks. As the most natural shape, it goes well on everyone. This will always be a safe choice, but others may find them boring.


When choosing between square and round nails, the right answer depends on your preferences and personality. Round nails look natural and timeless, so it is hard to go wrong with them. Square nails are fun, edgy, and trendy, which is why this shape is popular among younger people. Make sure to go to the best nail salon in the area so that you can walk out with gorgeous nails regardless of their shape!

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